"A steam tank? Cool. I used to have one as a kid."
—Belial when he sees the Steam Tank for the first time.

The Steam Tank.

Steam Tank - a large, hellish contraption of a military vehicle that appears at the end of Field Ambulance as a miniboss.


Steam Tank is a humongous armoured vehicle, roughly four meters tall and just as long, resembling World-War I era primitive armoured vehicles, despite the level being set during the American Civil War; although this may be just an exaggeration of the American Civil War by the sick, twisted powers of Hell. The Tank looks like a halftrack with a large plow, two tireless wheels and a big, tall, rotating turret with two guns that fire at the player. A single Wheelchair Veteran is manning it, even though the tank itself doesn't move; the only moving part is the turret. The Steam Tank barely resembles any existing tank from the whole history, with exception of few that could slightly inspire its look, with the most known being Sd.Kfz.251, a armoured halftrack used by the Nazi forces during World War II. Considering the fact that this tank belongs to a hellish version of the Confederate army, who are considered by many to be as evil as the Nazis with their ideology, very likely this might be true. Despite the fact that this Tank couldn't exist in that time period, a similiar interwar vehicle was created, albeit much, much smaller: it was called Morris Martell Tankette and beared a slight resemblance to the Steam Tank.


Despite it's intimidating appearance, this miniboss is one of the easiest in the series to defeat. Just a minute of shooting its turret with any weapon will destroy it. Player must look out for other enemies that spawn near the vehicle, dodge the shots it fires from the turrets and (after going behind it) avoid the flames coming from its exhaust pipes.


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