Spider  is an enemy that appears in almost every Painkiller game, first appearing in Painkiller.

Normal Spider.


Spiders resemble large ticks, with four claw-like appendages portruding from their bottoms. During their life, they will attempt to kill the player and if they don't defeat them first, they will get larger and larger by the minute, reaching three sizes - small, medium and large. When they are small and medium, they jump at the player, scratching him with their claws or run around fastly. Once they reach their large size, they will slowly start to get doomed due to their size, only limited to slow waddling around, and exploding once they try to reach another, bigger size.



Spider exploding.

Spiders can appear when Executioners cut dead bodies of other enemies, or when Loki commits suicide. They are very easy to kill, with a single shot from any weapon killing them instantly.

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