Weapon Shotgun
Damage 4-96
Max Ammo 100
Weapon Freezer
Damage 0
Max Ammo 100

The Shotgun / Freezer is your typical double-barrel shotgun with the Freezer modification added on for mainly cosmetic purposes. It can be found in Cemetery.

Primary Fire – Shotgun[edit | edit source]

The Shotgun in Painkiller is similar to other FPS titles. Each shell begins to spread as it travels further away from the barrel. Hitting your opponent with the entire spread deals out 96 damage, however this is very difficult to accomplish at long range. In fact, the shotgun can deal as little as 4 damage per hit which is nothing more than a slight annoyance to a heavily armored opponent. It is best to save your ammo when your opponent is too far away to inflict significant damage. The Shotgun has a very fast rate of fire and can quickly drain an opponents health when used at point-blank to medium range. It can also drain your ammo just as quickly, so beware.

The spread is reduced in weapon modifier mode. That way, you can deliver more damage on farther targets.

Alternate Fire – Freezer[edit | edit source]

The shotgun’s alternative fire mode shoots a blast of super-cooled liquid nitrogen that completely freezes your opponent for 5 seconds. This is very usefel when you are having trouble taking out tough monsters like the Maso Commando and the Skull. Freeze them first, then shower them with a spray of lead pellets.

In multiplayer, it temporarily nullifies the effect of your opponents' armor. If you are able to hit an armored opponent with the Freezer, you are able to inflict damage directly to their health as if they weren’t wearing armor. Once 5 seconds is up, their armor returns at the value it was prior to the Freezer attack. While this sounds like it could be useful, the problem with the Freezer is an extremely slow rate of fire and slow projectile speed. This weapon tends to be used mostly out of desperation or in attempt to humiliate an opponent.

Tips and Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Shotgun is most effective when your opponent can see clearly down the barrel. *Hold the primary fire button and continuously aim the Shotgun to quickly pump shells into your opponent.
  • The Freeze inflicts 0 damage to your opponent.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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