"I hope there won't be any scorpions. I hate scorpions! Especially the big, undead demon ones!"
—Belial when he sees the Scorpion for the first time.


Giant Scorpion in Desert
Giant Scorpion in Desert.
Type Invertebrate
Class Ranged/Melee
Health 299
Damage 1/8/16/24 (Acid)
1/7,5/15/22,5 (Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Desert
Giant Scorpions are enemies that appear in Desert.

Accompanying Scarabs, they are quite tough to kill. One of their attack is jumping toward player and then slicing them with pincers, while another one is throwing poison from their skull-shaped top of their tail.

Killing one of them by shooting their torso will drop a small Scarab as an individual enemy.

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