Rocketeer in Air Combat
Rocketeer in Air Combat.
Type Human
Class Ranged/Melee
Health 111
Damage 1/3/6/9 (Shockwave)
1/2/4/6 (Pistol)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Air Combat
Rocketeers are quite dangerous enemies that appear in the first half of the Air Combat level.

Rocketeers wear gasmasks with blood-red eyeholes, helmets that cover the rest of their faces, and their olive-colored uniforms are covered in blood, and taterred in many places revealing flesh. They wield small pistols and posess large rockets portruding from their backs, resembling a primitive jetpack.

Those monsters are fairly easy to kill, but you got to play fast. They stand on the ground for few seconds, sometimes shooting their gun and after that they will start to fly-jump over the player much like Sado Commandos from the first installment. Sometimes, when the player is next to them, they will press on their belt buckle to release a small shockwave of fire which deals huge amound of damage.


  • Althrough the game suggests that they are from the "red faction", they actually posess the purple fraction's insignia on their uniforms.


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