Rocket Launcher/Chaingun

Weapon Rocket Launcher
Damage 50-100
Max Ammo 100
Weapon Chaingun
Damage 8
Max Ammo 500

The Rocket Launcher / Chaingun is the strongest and most well rounded weapon in Painkiller. It can be used at short or long range to deal out large amounts of damage to an opponent as well as finish off what little health they have left. It can be found in Train Station.

Primary Fire – Rocket Launcher[edit | edit source]

The primary fire mode is the Rocket Launcher. Many live and die by this weapon alone. This weapon deals out 100 damage on a direct hit and anywhere from 50 to 90 splash damage when the rocket hits a solid object close to an opponent. Aside from dealing out massive damage, this weapon can also cause opponents to be thrown into the air or bounced around. The Rocket Launcher is very effective in a wide variety of scenarios but is most effective when used with height advantage over your opponent. It is usually a good idea to aim rockets at the floor below your opponent to inflict splash damage rather than gambling on a direct hit.

Alternate Fire – Chaingun[edit | edit source]

The alt-fire mode is the Chaingun. This gun rapidly empties a magazine of bullets into your opponent. Each click of the Chaingun shoots 3 bullets which inflict 8 damage each. If you do the math, that’s alot of damage in very little time. The Chaingun can be used at pretty much any range and is just as effective at longer ranges if you are able to lock on to your opponent. The Chaingun should be put to use whenever an opponent is in your sights, yet out of the range of other weapons. It is also good against flying opponents such as the witches in the Town and Forest level. It is the perfect weapon to inflict damage before the battle begins as well as put the finishing touches on weak opponent.

Tips and Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Aim Rockets at your opponents feet for splash damage. »Use rockets jumps to increase movement speed or reach high areas. (Only in multiplayer)
  • Gaining height advantage creates a larger target to inflict splash damage.
  • If you can put your crosshair on an enemy, you can inflict damage using the Chaingun.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the explosion radius or rocket touches stakes from the stake gun, the stakes will get destroyed.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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