Weapon Rifle
Damage 30
10 (Multiplayer)
Max Ammo 250
Weapon Flamethrower
Damage 10
Max Ammo 500

Rifle is a weapon available with the expansion Painkiller: Battle out of Hell. It can be found in Orphanage.

Primary Fire - Rifle[edit | edit source]

Primary fire is simple. Acting like submachine gun, weapon can easily lay waste to row of enemies. Replenishable with bullet boxes that doesn't share same ammo as minigun.

Secondary Fire - Flamethrower[edit | edit source]

Secondary fire is self-explanatory. With flamethrower, player can purge whole rooms filled with enemies. Its ammo are barrels of flamethrower fuel. This attack is good for putting down flying enemies such as Krusty or Winged Demon. It's also the only attack that can kill Flying Nun in Orphanage level. Most enemies that happen to be affected by flamethrower do not gib, so player can easily switch to Painkiller weapon and shake their corpses for gold before despawning. The only downside of this attack is that ammo is quite scarce in the game, so player must choose wisely the moment of using it.

Combo Attack - Flammable Barrel[edit | edit source]

When player combines first Flamethrower and then Submachine Gun buttons at the same time, they can release a burning barrel that acts pretty much the same as exploding barrels found in many levels. Enemies won't mind seeing it, as they are focused only on player, while they can either let it explode on its own, or pop it with whatever weapon they have. This combo attack drains A LOT of flamethrower fuel, so player must choose when to use this attack.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Evil Girls are completely immune to the flamethrower as instead of killing them it sets them ablaze so they will attack the player like they usually do.
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