Panzer Spider is a boss encountered only on Nightmare difficulty or above, in Painkiller: Battle out of Hell level 4 - Pentagon.


Model of Panzer Spider, seen in Pentagon level

About Edit

The creature is a giant quadrupedal monster clad resembling a spider, hence its name, in metal armor (much like Panzerdemons encountered in Lab and Dead City levels), equipped with two homing missile launchers attached to creature's underbelly. It has a tail and a gaping mouth filled with teeth.

The monster attacks by shooting homing missiles at Daniel or by creating shock waves. When hurt, it will create and shoot a ball of energy from it's mouth.

This boss is also encountered in the Haunted City level. He is the boss encountered in the middle of the level which uses the Panzer Demon's model but his size is greatly reduced and he is lacking his electrical shield. Bill considers him a Servant of Astaroth, Rashaverak, but there is no evidence that proves that.

Strategy Edit

First half of the fight is straight-forward. The player has to shoot the creature until half of its health is depleted; once it happens, Panzer Spider will enable a shield protecting it from any damage. At this point, in order to hurt it the player must use all of the 5 cannons located in the chamber; naturally, you have to use the appropriate cannon depending on where is the boss standing. It requires good timing, but eventually the creature will be defeated.

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