Painkiller (Weapon)

Weapon Pain
Damage 15
Max Ammo
Weapon Killer
Damage 20-50

(15 on laser)

Max Ammo

"What is this thing of blades and light in my hand?"
—William Sherman when he wields The Painkiller for the first time

The Painkiller can be used for both short and long ranged attacks and is the only weapon in the game that doesn’t require ammunition. It can be found in Cemetery as initial weapon.

Primary Fire – Pain[edit | edit source]

The primary fire mode is a short range melee attack. When you hold down the primary fire control, the Painkiller opens into a blossom of rotating blades that slice into your opponent for 15 points of damage each hit.

In multiplayer, this attack mode can be very useful in the right situations, such as waiting around a corner or outside a teleporter for an unsuspecting enemy. While killing an opponent with the Pain can humiliate them, it’s best to stay away from weapon mismatches such as Pain vs. Rocket Launcher.

Alternate Fire – Killer[edit | edit source]

The alt-fire is a ranged attack. Pressing the alt-fire control launches a bladed warhead that does 50 damage on a direct hit. This can also be used as a trip-line style weapon by shooting the warhead at a solid object and aiming your crosshair at it. This creates a beam of light that continuously does 15 points of damage to whoever is caught in it’s path.

Combo Attack[edit | edit source]

The Painkiller Combo is the most devastating, yet overlooked attack in the game. This attack is done by holding the primary fire control as you tap the alt-fire control. This launches the spinning blades in a straight line until they hit a solid object and return to you. These spinning blades instantly kill any opponent they come in contact with. That’s right, instantly kill, regardless of how much armor or health they have. Although it is very difficult to hit with this attack, it doesn’t hurt to send those blades down a narrow hallway or tight passage way where your odds of hitting become much greater.

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