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Painkiller: Battle out of Hell is an expansion pack for Painkiller, released on November 22, 2004. It was developed and published by the same companies as Painkiller. Battle Out of Hell features a 10-level single-player campaign, two new weapons, new multiplayer modes, and improved visual effects.


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In contrast to the previous game, Battle out of Hell has only one chapter, containing ten levels. Consequently, there are only two cutscenes, at the very beginning and at the end. The Tarot cards are featured, and Daniel can win ten by fulfilling a certain condition for each level, but he also has inherited most of those from the original Painkiller. (The downside is that gold is in short supply, making it difficult to actually equip the cards without playing levels more than once.) The feel and gameplay of the various levels resembles the original game, although this expansion features a lot of totally new enemies, along with variations on some old ones (such as zombies that assemble themselves from pieces before attacking).


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The story continues where the original left off: Lucifer is killed and his position as ruler of Hell is now free. Alastor, one of four Hell generals Daniel Garner was assigned to kill in the original game, appears with a horde of demons and confronts Daniel, but Eve, who had been taken to Hell by Lucifer and was in the process of being rescued by Daniel, revives and uses a spell to get herself and Daniel out of Hell and back to Purgatory. Daniel's new goal is to eliminate Alastor, who is now the rightful ruler of the demonic forces. Before confronting his powerful enemy, Daniel visits such places as an orphanage full of possessed children, a hellish amusement park, a pirate bay, colosseums, a necropolis, and a twisted version of World War II Leningrad. After taking out Alastor, Eve thanks Daniel for allowing her to take control. Eve offers Daniel the chance to rule by her side, but Daniel, pointing his gun at Eve, refuses and the screen fades to black.