"Ooo, nice outfit!"
—Belial when he sees the Geisha for the first time.


Geisha in Japanese Massacre
Geisha in Japanese Massacre.
Type Human
Class Ranged/Melee
Health 200
Damage 1/17,5/35/52,5(Fan)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Japanese Massacre

Geishas are female enemies that appear in Japanese Massacre.

Geishas wear green, traditional kimono with a blue belt that ends with a bow on their backs, blue tights and green platform shoes, but their clothes are stained with blood. They have three attacks.

At close distance, they will hit the player with their bloody fans with knives. When they are far from the player, they will throw at him/her their sharp needles from their buns. Moreover when they are near death they will scream and throw their fans at the player, thus releasing knives from them in all directions.


Geisha supposed to have two models. The first one was supposed to wear a golden kimono with a red belt without any blood stains and the second one a green kimono and blue belt, both stained with blood. However, only the Geisha with green kimono appears in the game.