Flying Nun
Nun Ghost in Orphanage
Flying Nun in Orphanage.
Type Ghost
Class Ranged
Health 135
Damage 1/17,5/35/52,5(Fireball)
Movement Flying
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Orphanage
Flying Nun (or Nun Ghost) is female enemy that appears in Orphanage. She also appears in Graveyard. If she spots the player, she will attack him/her by sending a homing fireball with incredible accuracy.

In Orphanage, the Flying Nun might be the guardian of the entire Orphanage. She is first confronted in the library where she is patrolling whole room - if the player picks up the Shotgun she will disappear. Later she is encountered in the crypt beneath the Orphanage in which she can be killed only by using Flamethrower.

In Graveyard, the Flying Nun can be calmly patrolling various areas in the Graveyard acting like the guardian but she won't attack the player if she spots him/her. Unfortunately, wherever she appears, a large group of monsters will appear soon after she dissapears from the area.


Sound when the Flying Nun appears. / f_nun_appear.ogg
F nun appear
Sound when the Flying Nun disappears. / f_nun_dissappear.ogg
F nun dissappear

Sounds when the Flying Nun attacks the player:
Attack 1 / f_nun_atak1.ogg

F nun atak1

Attack 2 / f_nun_atak2.ogg

F nun atak2

Idle 1 / f_nun_idle1.ogg

F nun idle1

Idle 2 / f_nun_idle2.ogg

F nun idle2

Idle 3 / f_nun_idle3.ogg

F nun idle3

Idle 4 / f_nun_idle4.ogg

F nun idle4

On Fly-Loop / f_nun_onfly-loop.ogg

F nun onfly-loop


  • In the sounds files, the sound for the Flying Nun disappearing is misspelled because it is written with two "s".
  • In the sounds files, the sound for the Flying Nun attacking is misspelled because it is written with one "t" and the "c" between "a" and "k" is missing. Although it is possible that the developers named the file that way intentionally, as "atak" is the polish spelling of the word.


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