Weapon Driver
Damage 30 (40-70 on explosion)
Max Ammo 250
Weapon Electro
Damage 10
Max Ammo 500

The Electrodriver is a unique short to medium range weapon that can deal out mass amounts of damage in a short amount of time. That is, of course, if you don’t run out of ammo first. It can be found in Snowy Bridge. In Hell & Damnation it can be found in Opera.

Primary Fire – Driver[edit | edit source]

The primary fire uses the Driver to launch shurikens toward your opponent at a blinding rate. Each shuriken does 30 damage on a direct hit but the real power of this weapon is at medium range, where the shurikens explode and create anywhere from 40 to 70 points of splash damage each. Although the rate of fire on the Driver is very good, the speed at which the Shurikens travel requires you to lead a moving opponent considerably for direct hits. For best results, learn to master the exploding shurikens by knowing the distance they need to travel before they detonate. Find areas on the map where you can stand and catch an opponent in the splash damage as they move toward a weapon or item. Using the exploding shurikens can inflict splash damage to opponents that seek cover on a ledge slightly above your head.

Alternate Fire – Electro[edit | edit source]

The alternative fire mode, sometimes referred to as the Lightning Gun, shoots out a continuous bolt of electricity that can incapacitate and frustrate your opponent especially in multiplayer. Each click of the Electro uses 3 ammo which deal 10 damage each. Holding the alternate fire button will keep a steady stream of electricity on your opponent dealing out continuous damage while knocking them back. While the Electro is a very deadly weapon, it is limited to medium range where the bolt of electricity ends. The Electro can zap through ammo at an alarming rate, and Electro Ammo can be hard to come by, so use it wisely.

Combo Attack[edit | edit source]

While holding alternate fire (electro), tap primary fire (driver) to eject an entire magazine of electrocuted shurikens. This magazine zaps nearby opponents who get too close to it. 

Tips and Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Learn the distance at which shurikens explode before hand, then catch your opponent in the splash damage. 
  • Use the Electro when an opponent is at close range, then switch to Driver when they are pushed back to the splash radius of shurikens. 
  • Use exploding shurikens to hit those hard to reach places where Rocket splash isn’t effective such as a ledge slightly above your head.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the game will froze/lag after the shuriken was launched and before it would have touched any solid objects, they would explode after the game will come back to normal.
  • The combo attack will only use ammo for the Electro despite firing an entire magazine of shurikens, this is likely a bug.

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