Doctor in Lab
Doctor in Lab.
Type Human
Class Melee/Ranged
Health 200
Damage 1/10/20/30 (Melee)
1/5/10/15 (Poison)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Lab, Rafinery, Dead Warehouse

Doctors are enemies that appear in Lab.

Doctors resemble typical doctor but with very visible changes. First their swollen intestines are hanging from their stomachs with needles and scissors into them. Their heads are also open and without skull thus revealing brain. It's is clear that they are the most disgusting enemies that appear in that level. They have two attacks: the first one is melee as they will try beat player with bat that has flesh on it, or the second one which is inhaling poisonous gas and farting trough their opened stomach at longer distances. Two shots of Bolt Gun is enough to kill them.


  • Doctors are probably based from people's fear of doctors.
    • Their outfit may have been based off of evil doctors depicted in various forms of horror media along with their vile intentions of murder to experiment.

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