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Dead Warehouse
Level 3
Chapter 1
Monster count 694
Total gold 777
Armor count 4
Holy item count 6
Ammo count 110
Object count 58
Secrets 3
Tarot card Demon Morph

Dead Warehouse is the third level of Painkiller Recurring Evil.

Description Edit

This level is set in an abanoned and dim warehouse which is full of rusty equipment.

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited by various types of monsters. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Demon Morph. To acquire it, player has to finish the level with over 120 Health Points.

Secret areas Edit


Secrets and holy items Edit

Soundtrack Edit

Dead Warehouse Music:
C10L4 Dead Warehouse Ambient
Dead Warehouse Fight:
C10L4 Dead Warehouse Fight