Cop in Riot
Cop in Riot.
Type Human
Class Melee
Health 181
Damage 1/7,5/15/22,5 (Nightstick)
1/1,5/3/4,5 (Gas)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Riot, Studios, Highway to Hell
Cops are enemies that appear in Riot, Studios and Highway to Hell.

Wielding a riot shield and armed with a nightstick, and gas grenades, these enemies can make encounters with Sprayers and Cop Flamers even more deadly.

They will attempt to close the distance with the player, using their riot shield to protect themselves. If the player is far enough away, they will also throw gas grenades, similar to Skeleton Soldiers.

However, their riot shield does not cover their legs and, as such, the player should aim here to take them out.


  • If Cops and Sprayers appear in the same area they will start fighting with each other ignoring the player completely.


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