"Okay Cerberus. Let's see what tricks you know. I wanna see you play dead. (In demonic voice) PERMANENTLY!"
—Belial when he sees the Cerberus.


Cerberus is the second boss in Painkiller: Overdose, encountered at the end of Chapter 2 level Ragnarok.


Cerber is a large demon with a dog head, and two other heads attached to his arms -a red cow head that spits red mist and a blue goat head that freezes Belial. His 'main' head attacks by spitting acid. He has multiple bandages on his legs, a belt with skulls and a large spiked collar on his neck. His skin is greyish-blue.


At first, Cerbeus will send Beasts to attack the player, and those should be dealt with first. To defeat the demon, one has to destroy it's heads in a specific order, indicated by the health bar image on top of the screen - first the red head, then the blue one, and finally the middle one. After each head is destroyed, the boss will summon new waves of Hellhounds.


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