"A sniper's dream weapon is in your hands now! Remember you can use ZOOM key to safely kill distant enemies..."
—Message pop out when Daniel picks up the Bolt Gun.
Bolt Gun

Weapon Boltgun
Damage 45
20 (Multiplayer)
Max Ammo 500
Weapon Heater
Damage 70
20 (Multiplayer)
Max Ammo 250

Bolt Gun is a weapon available with the expansion Painkiller: Battle out of Hell. It can be found in Lab. In Hell & Damnation it can be found in Oriental Castle.

Primary Fire - Bolts[edit | edit source]

Primary fire reminds of Stake Gun's primary fire, except that five (apparently made of iron) stakes are launched. Stakes from this gun are NOT gravity-affected, they do not share the same ammo as Stake Gun and are very effective against red-soul monsters. Players lucky enough can pin multiple enemies on nearby wall.

Secondary Fire - Heater Bombs[edit | edit source]

Secondary fire is consisting of Heater bombs. Acting like firecrackers/fireworks, Heater bombs bounce against every solid object, ragdolling and instant-killing most of enemies as well and destroying objects. It's good for cleaning large rooms with huge amount of enemies, but much like every explosive in the game, Heater bombs do tend to bounce back and to damage and player.

As Sniper[edit | edit source]

This weapon is the only one in the game that gives the option to player to kill enemies from great distance with Bolt fire. Using ''ZOOM'' (default is clicking PC mouse wheel) key shows a sniper scope. Player may use Heater Bombs while scoping, though it's not recommended.

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