Wolfofrebellion Wolfofrebellion 7 March 2019

Unused bits and bobs of Painkiller

IDK if this is allowed on this site, but let me drop it anyway. https://tcrf.net/Painkiller:_Black_Edition

Basically, it's site that is chasing after unused/hidden files in video games.  I remembered how game looked like first time I was playing back in 2004. and when I found Black/Gold edition few years later, I've noticed certain graphic changes. First of all, main menu screen was different - instead of Lucifer crucified to pentagram, there was armored Alastor. I did remember how original game was named (Heaven's Got a Hitman), so I've searched for it on Google, and I am pleased to know that my memory didn't fail me after all those years. :)

I am currently busy with IRL stuff, so I'm dropping this link for moderators and admins to grab those…

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Favourite monsters

What are your favourite monsters in Painkiller series?

My are:

  • Banshees
  • Evil Monks
  • Psychonuns
  • Devil Monks
  • Dark Ninjas
  • Evil Samurais
  • Witches
  • Skeleton Soldiers
  • Templar Knights
  • Evil Girls
  • Pinocchios
  • Flying Nun
  • Evil Boys
  • Bab Baby
  • Clowns
  • Corns
  • Masters
  • Geishas
  • Sprayers
  • Cops
  • Radioactive Operators
  • Viking Berserkers
  • Valkyries
  • Scarecrows
  • Hants
  • Tortured
  • Priests
  • Electricians
  • Fireworkers
  • Rocketeers
  • Chopper Women
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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 20 July 2017

The new admins of this wiki.

After a month from the Admin Election, RUNEPATRIARCH has successfully become an admin and even better a bureaucrat. If you will ever need help, you can always contact these 2 active admins:


XDavidXtreme - Admin

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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 18 July 2017

Shall we add a special quote to the beginning of articles?

Since many fandoms do this thing, why not us? A special quote to the beginning is one of the quotes which are put at the beginning of the article which either is very memorable or it is a important quote for the respective article.

There can be many quotes so here is my opinion:

- Daniel Garner : Between heaven and hell, there is always pain. (very memorable) - Catherine : Ohhh, I cannot believe how hard is raining, we should pick the great day to celebrate my birthday. - Sammael : Why are you trying to accomplish here, you can't harm me, back off! (the best one, I could find) - Eve : I've been there for much longer than you can imagine. (the best one, I could find) - Asmodeus : It's ok, I know him, it's a friend. (the best one, I could fin…
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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 14 July 2017

Badge Renovation

When RUNEPATRIARCH will become the new admin of this wiki, which badges do you think should be changed?

Here is my opinion:

1 Edit - Leper Zombie 5 Edits - Zombie Soldier 10 Edits - Zombie Warlord 25 Edits - Hell Biker 100 Edits - Executioner 250 Edits - Black Demon 500 Edits - Skull Pounce! - Ninja Caffeinated - Loki / Hell Biker Chaingunner Welcome to the Wiki - Welcome to the Purgatory Introduction - License To Kill Lucky Edit - Treasure Key to the Wiki - Rifle Two Weeks on the Wiki - Bolt Gun Devoted - Electro Driver Dedicated - Shotgun Addicted - Chaingun A Wiki Life - Stakegun Wiki Hero! - Painkiller Snapshot - Cemetery Paparazzi - Cathedral Illustrator - Town Collector - Train Station / Military Base Art Lover - Oriental Castle / Ba…
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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 2 July 2017

Shall We Add Sounds To Articles?

So I have decided that we should add sounds to the Painkiller wiki articles as many of the fandom wikis do.

What is your opinion? Shall we add them?

If the sounds feature would have been implemented it would be used on the following categories:

- Monsters (Their own beautiful sounds) - Powerups - Weapons - Levels (Environment Sounds, Soundtrack) - Game Mechanics (Various Sounds)
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Favourite levels

What are your favourite levels in Painkiller series?

My are:

  • Cemetery - I love the general atmosphere of this place (quiet and spooky) and the ambience music fits here perfectly.
  • Opera House - the interior of this building is amazing as well as the paintings on the walls.
  • Town - this level reminds me Stratholme from World Of Warcraft.
  • Train Station - this level has a beautiful ambience music.
  • Abandoned Factory - I always liked the tall chimenys around the factory.
  • Castle - I like the winter in this level.
  • City on Water - I absolutely adore the sky in this level, as well as buildings an of course the ambience music.
  • Docks - I love the ambience in this level (so calming) and the overall design of this huge level.
  • Old Monastery - This level has beautif…
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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 12 June 2017

Painkiller Wiki's Admin Election Ended

So there has been recently an admin election started on 5th June 2017 and ended on 11th June 2017 with the contestants:

- RUNEPATRIARCH : 1.720 Points - XDavidXtreme : 670 Points

The current contestants have meet the right criterias to enter this election so they can continue.

The admin election was a stalemate between RUNEPATRIARCH and XDavidXtreme so the one with the most points will be elected, meaning that RUNEPATRIARCH has won the election with 1.720 points. The winner will receive on the talk page the steps to become an admin. If he doesn't become an admin in less than a month, the election will take place again. If he wants to give his admin privileges, he can announce it on the blogpost before he applies for the admin of this wiki.


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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 6 June 2017

Painkiller : Heaven's got a Hitman Cameo

Painkiller is a very old video game from 2004 and is an extremely underrated one. But because of his lack of popularity, it musn't be ignored and forgotten. He actually was mentioned in the Top 10 Giants by WatchMojo.com which by the way is a very popular channel and the video was created in 2015. Also there is another video by the same channel called Top 10 Video Game Completion Bonuses where it gets nominated on the 9th Place. And it was nominated the 1st Place in another WatchMojo.com video. Unfortunately that video was never found again (Suspected to be deleted for unknown reason) but if you want to try and find it his title must be something like this : "Top 10 Video games where you die right at the beginning" where the 10th Place was…

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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 6 June 2017

The Second Painkiller Wiki

For those who didn't know, there is a second wiki which is abandoned and forgotten. The wiki is called Painkiller Series Wiki and its purpose was to inform people that recently bought Painkiller Hell & Damnation. The wiki is very poorly developed and all of its admins and users have abandoned it.

I wanted to announce the wiki's exsistence because it is still a Painkiller Wiki and needs to be managed as this one. When the election will be over, there will be another election on that wiki.

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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 5 June 2017

Painkiller Wiki Admin Election

Painkiller wiki has gone through 3 admins which gave up on managing this wiki anymore so we need an admin which will manage this wiki daily and respond to any of the users' requests.

So there will be an election where you can enter in it by just commenting this blog post. And then the users can choose which one shall be the admin of this wiki. If the votes are equally then the one with the highest points will win. If we have no contestants I will automatically become the admin of this wiki.


- The user must have made at least 100 edits since joining this wiki - Is still editing for at least 5 days. - Is not a griefer or a troller. - Has an account on this wiki. - Hasn't been previously blocked on this wiki.

This blog post will be he…

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XDavidXtreme XDavidXtreme 4 June 2017

Impossible Badge : Pounce!

From 4 June 2017 onward the Pounce! badge is now impossible.

If you don't find this badge anymore is because it has got renamed to Ninja.

Why do I say that? Because it needs you to make a minimum of one edit on a page that isn't older than a hour. This means creating a hazardous amount of pointless articles because every single possible article has been already made.

The only 2 owners of this badge are:


- XDavidXtreme

We highly recommand to not get this badge by any mean possible. By creating a ton of useless articles may get you blocked from the Fandom. These users created 100 articles that serves a purpose to say at least.

Thank you for reading and understanding.

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Sug3rZ5 Sug3rZ5 12 August 2014


Painkiller is one of my favorite games

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