Biomechanoid in Asteroids
Biomechanoid in Asteroids.
Type Robot
Class Melee
Health 105
Damage 1/10/20/30 (Sawblade)
1/10/20/30 (Beak)
1/6/12/18 (Flamethrower)
Movement Flying
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Asteroids, Refinery, Dead Warehouse
Biomechanoids are enemies that appear in Asteroids, Refinery and Dead Warehouse.

Their lower half is made up by sawblades, which have got two purple liquid containers on top. Both of their arms are mechanical, with the left one being actually a flamethrower. Their head is mechanical too, with purple glowing eyes; their heads also share a lot of similiarities to those of birds, supported by the fact that these enemies have beaks. The only human part that's visible is their chests.

They have multiple melee attacks such as: sawing the player with sawblades under their torsos, piercing the player with their metalic beaks or roasting the player with their flamethrowers.



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